Hiya 👋
I am Christof Dorner.

A Berlin (Germany) based software engineering leader and product specialist.

I currently work at Snyk as a Staff Software Engineer.

Software Product Development

Based on my experience working 15+ years in various-sized companies and teams, I am convinced that our hardest challenges are not technical, but getting people to collaborate both internally and externally.

I have an enduring fascination with the process of building software products and am a tireless advocate for modern Lean and Agile product practices. I strongly believe that modern product practices, from a strategic company level to individual teams pushing their product area further and delivering incremental user value are fundamental for building sustainable products and business.

I have built products with many different technologies and languages. Recently most of my experience has been on the backend engineering side with Ruby and Python, on the infrastructure side with Kubernetes and Infrastructure as code in conjunction with different cloud providers.
Earlier in my career, I made a few digressions into mobile development with Android and iOS. This has given me a holistic understanding of the engineering practice from the frontend through the backend into the infrastructure layer.

People enablement

After a foray into engineering management, I have been back on the individual contributor (IC) track for more than a year. As an engineering manager, I’ve especially enjoyed building up product development teams and supporting the people around me in their career development. It is something I still enjoy doing every day in my IC role.


amble.blog is my personal blog where I post about books I read, everyday photographs, or sometimes I even write something about tech.


In my private time, I work on my photographic practice. There, my work poetically explores themes such as presence and distance. Passionate storyteller, I favour working in projects, combining fragmented observations and carefully arranging them to form narratives. The chosen final medium for my photographic projects is in the printed form of a book or zine.

My photographic works lives at silverbirchshed.com


Reach me on the Fediverse/Mastodon or LinkedIn. Alternatively feel free to send me an email at christof@chdorner.com.